Percybeth is the best couple.


At first they had a relationship of just friends since Annabeth loved Luke. Slowly when they realized Luke wasn't such a good guy but was working for Kronos (evil guy), Annabeth stopped loving him. Then started the Love story of Percybeth.


Percy     Annabeth

Name: Percy Jackson Gender: Male Age: Thirteen Location: Upper East Side, Manhattan Quote: Just add water.

About Me: Son of Poseidon. Been kicked out of seven schools (not bragging or anything). I usually get into trouble when I vaporize a monster teacher or accidentally blow up the gymnasium or some little thing like that.

Who I’d Like to Meet: Pretty much anyone who doesn’t want to kill me. Perseus and Hercules are my favorite old school heroes. Maybe I’ll look them up next time I’m in the Underworld.

Interests: Chilling at Camp Half-Blood, skateboarding, sword-fighting, basketball, questing with my friends, staying alive.

Music: If it’s on, I’ll listen to it, unless it’s like Frank Sinatra or Grover’s reed pipes. (Sorry, man!)

Film: Clash of the Titans (It gets the facts SO wrong it’s funny). I wish fighting monsters was that easy.

TV: 24, Heroes (because their lives are easier than mine!)

Books: I’m dyslexic, so I don’t read a whole lot. Manga is cool. I like nonfiction stuff, too, like real life adventures and sports stories.

Heroes: Some half-bloods I admire are like people from history: George Washington (son of Athena), Harry Houdini (son of Hermes), Jimi Hendrix (son of Apollo). People like that.

Status: Annabeth (sometimes bossy).

Hometown: New York

Favorite Drink: Coke, preferably Blue Coke.

Body Type: Right now I’m 5’10”, kinda slim. I keep in shape. You have to when you fight for your life all the time.

Occupation: school, except when I’m kicked out, which is often.

Education: I’m in eighth grade, heading into high school. My favorite classes are gym and science because we get to blow stuff up in chemistry class.

Name: Annabeth Chase Gender: Female Age: 13 and a half (yes, I’m older than Percy, and way more mature) Location: San Francisco Quote: Always, always have a plan.

About Me: I’ve had a kinda tough life. I ran away from home when I was seven because my dad got remarried. I hung around with Luke and Thalia for a while before coming to camp. I lived at Camp Half-Blood for about six years until I gave my dad another chance. Now we’re living in San Francisco, which is cool except it’s dangerous for half-bloods. VERY dangerous.

Who I’d Like to Meet: Frank Lloyd Wright, Alexander Graham Bell, Christopher Wren

Interests: architecture, Ancient Greek, battle tactics, questing

Music: Beyonce, Mariah Carey

Film: Dream Girls

TV: CSI, Law and Order

Books: The Illiad, A History of Architecture (seven volume set), Calvin & Hobbes

Heroes: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (Civil War hero), Alexander the Great

Status: I used to have this huge crush on Luke... but then he turned evil. Percy and I are a couple now. Percy's so cute. Our first-underwater

Hometown: Richmond, VA, but my family moved around a lot.

Favorite Drink: Root Beer float with vanilla ice cream.

Body Type: 5’9”, kinda athletic, I guess, blonde hair, gray eyes.

Occupation: student, camper at Camp Half-Blood

Education: I’m in the eighth grade. The last six years I pretty much taught myself at camp, but now I’m back in a regular school. I miss camp.

Well that's about it. For more read the book. i'm not going to spoil it for u. all the romantic moments the kiss underwater, when they meet in Camp Jupiter. Sorry i'll stop.

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